Words out Loud Spoken Word/Poetry Series

Brenda Bunting and Cliff Lynn are featured readers. Including open mic and literary trivia quiz.

Brenda Bunting is a Poet, Author, Spoken Word Artist and Workshop Facilitator. She is a former Poet in Progress through the DC Commission on the Arts and the Humanities and a life member of the Kentucky State Poetry Society (KSPS). A University of Kentucky alumna with her B.A. in English, Brenda advocates for the therapeutic use of writing poetry for mental and emotional wellness and healing from traumatic events. She was most recently published in, The Daily Abuse Collection 2018. Her book, Poems of Love and Violence In between Life and Death 2nd Edition is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

Cliff Lynn was a Gong Show reject at 13, which naturally led to his sailing on submarines as a young man. The honorary Poet Laureate of Tuscarora High School in Frederick, MD, Cliff also survived a Literary Death Match at the Baltimore Museum of Art in 2010. Journals such as Mount Hope, Smeuse, Free Lunch and Scribble have graciously published several baker's dozens of Cliff's poems and short stories. Once at an Odenton coffeehouse, John Coltrane's nephew played an original composition as Cliff read one of his poems aloud and a beautiful dancer interpretively danced. With one Rocky Jones, Cliff co-created and co-hosts the Evil Grin poetry reading series in Annapolis, MD.