Wings Spread Wide: A Singing & Poetry Workshop On Freedom

Wings Spread Wide: A Singing & Poetry Workshop On Freedom
Presented in partnership with The Miami Sound Space
FREE with RSVP | Register here

  • This unique workshop is designed for loved ones of the Bluebirds, a men’s
    choir at Everglades Correctional Institution
    , as well as anyone with
    life experiences related to incarceration.

Join Miami Sound Space & O, Miami for a transformative journey of music and poetry as we spread our wings wide and explore the boundless possibilities of freedom!

Choir director Laurah Merisier guides participants in learning the Bluebirds' original song, "Be Free," with support from members of the Miami Sound Choir. This captivating song, featuring lyrics in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole, explores the yearning for freedom and the challenges of incarceration. All participants perform "Be Free" together, creating a powerful moment of communal harmony.

Participants are then invited to craft original poetry inspired by "Be Free." These heartfelt poems will be shared with the Bluebirds, fostering an artistic exchange across prison walls.

We believe in the power of art to heal and connect. We are also committed to inclusivity and accessibility. Our event venue is wheelchair accessible, and a sign language interpreter will be present. Dinner will be provided.