WHO DO YOU LIVE? Of Place Names and Perpetuity

What remains of what was here before? Why? By what right? By what privilege? In the spaces we move through and speak of, what persists of the past? Whose names are we saying? What agency might we name-loving animals engage in the identification of routes and destinations where so many beings have made, and lost their lives on this planet we share? In this city we love / struggle to survive in? Drawing on the work of place name historians, indigenous peoples, and scholars of North American history and imperialism, through this event The Poetry Project will begin a long-term, multi-dimensional exploration of the very ground it stands on, and the broader potential for the politics and poetics of place names. Without knowledge of the lives whose names we call out, what spirits are summoned by way of our passive ignorance? And when we are informed, what shall become of them? Participants TBA.

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