webinar: How to Weave Haiku, with Fay Aoyagi

Thanks to the support of the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, we’re thrilled to organise a haiku webinar hosted by author and editor Fay Aoyagi.

During the webinar, we’ll talk about what makes a haiku, using quotes from Japanese haiku critics and Western poets. Fay will then introduce three traditional Japanese kigo: “snow,” “moon,” and “cherry blossom” and analyse traditional Japanese poems.

We’ll discuss the haiku format: the traditional and still dominant three-line haiku and the recently popular one line and new formats. In the last section, we’ll touch upon how to use haiku “ingredients” and encourage poets to find their own “Where,” “Who,” and “What.”

About Fay:
Fay Aoyagi (born in Tokyo, Japan), immigrated to the United States in 1984. Professional interpreter and haiku poet writing in Japanese and English. She is a member of the Japanese haiku groups Ten’I and Aki as well as the Haiku Society of America (president 2016–2019) and the Haiku Poets of Northern California. She is one of the Assistant Editor of The Heron’s Nest (since 2011).  Aoyagi is the author of three award-winning haiku collections, Chrysanthemum Love (2003), In Borrowed Shoes (2006), and Beyond the Reach of My Chopsticks (2011), and curates the blog Blue Willow Haiku World, presenting her translations of contemporary Japanese haiku. She resides in San Francisco, California.