(Virtual) The Power of Poetry: Ellen Bass

Online with ZOOM, Bookshop Santa Cruz presents a poetry event with Ellen Bass. In Indigo, Ellen Bass deepens her mastery of the praise poem, exploring the duality of loss and exquisite tenderness that lives at the heart of almost everything. Bass plumbs the miraculous from the stuff of life—the grit of oysters, taking an old dog out to pee in the night, shopping at Ross. In a series of aching love poems, the mundanity of marriage gives way to vivid sensuality, even as--under the weight of age and illness—Eros bends its neck to grieve what will be lost.

A lifelong advocate for those who might otherwise go without a witness, Bass shows her compassion in these pages. She offers the ragged, beautiful world her steady attention, her devastating precision. Graceful in their melding of the narrative and the lyric, gorgeous in their complexity, these are poems to be savored. 

To RSVP for Ellen's Reading, click here.