Truth and Beauty: A Poetry Workshop with Ellen Bass and Marie Howe

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty . . .” If you want to encounter more truth in your poems, to express it in the most beautiful way possible, to craft poems that reflect the inextricable marriage of truth and beauty, love and death, the luminous and the ordinary, please join us for this special workshop.
We will write poems, share our writing, and hear what our work touches in others. We’ll also read model poems by contemporary poets and discuss aspects of the craft. But mainly this will be a writing retreat—time to explore and create in a supportive community. Though the focus is on poetry, prose writers who want to enrich their language will find it a fertile environment.
The structure of the workshop:
This workshop is oriented toward generating new work. We’ll start each day with a talk about some aspect of the craft of writing. Then the rest of the morning will be devoted to writing. Unlike workshops where there are multiple short writing prompts, we prefer to schedule longer writing sessions so that there’s time to go deeply into your writing. You may not be actually writing that entire time, but there’s space for writing, reflection, starting off on a whole new topic, maybe taking a short break to refresh yourself and beginning again.
The workshop begins with dinner on Tuesday, May 29th, and will end with our group poetry reading on Saturday evening, June 2nd. There will be a last breakfast together on Sunday, June 3, before check out.
About Mabel Dodge Luhan House:
As an historic inn and conference center which offers retreat-style setting and artistic and literary workshops, the Mabel Dodge Luhan House continues to build on its 80-year history of personal, intellectual, and artistic ferment.
Rooming and costs:
Fees vary according to your room These fees are all-inclusive, including the workshop, lodging, and all meals.
There may be an opportunity for a commuter spot for $1900. Workshop fees and all meals are included in this spot.