Southern California Poetry Festival (Day 3): Lynne Thompson, Tongo Eisen-Martin, & Tommy Pico

Day three of the 2022 Southern California Poetry Festival features the Poet Laureate of Los Angeles, Lynne Thompson, and the Poet Laureate of San Francisco, Tongo Eisen-Martin reading alongside Shonda BuchananConney Williams, and bridgette bianca; workshops led by Douglas Manuel and Sarah Maclay; readings curated by The OffingWhat Books Press, and the LA Review of Books;  and a reading by indigenous writers that includes Tommy PicoKinsale Drake, and others.

Organized in partnership with the Poetry Foundation. All events are free. For information about the festival, including the complete schedule, visit



10am - 12pm - A workshop with Douglas Manuel: Returning to Harlem

10am - 12pm - A workshop with Sarah Maclay


12:30 pm - 1:45 pm: Indigenous Poets Across the Americas. Co-presented by Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural.

Tommy Pico

Kinsale Drake

Moncho Ollin Alvarado


2:00 - 4:00 pm: SoCal Literary Showcase: The Offing, What Books Press, LA Review of Books

The Offing: 

Michael Reyes

Jose Hernandez Diaz

Gabrielle Civil

What Books Press:

Mariano Zaro

Elena Karina Byrne

Carolie Parker

LA Review of Books: 

Elizabeth Metzger

Allison Hedge Coke

Anna Journey


4:30 - 6:00 pm: Reading & Discussion: Best American Poetry 2022 

Prageeta Sharma

Alexis Sears

Amy Gerstler

Matthew Zapruder


6:30 - 8:00 pm: Poet Laureates & Company. Co-presented by the World Stage Press.

Lynne Thompson

Tongo Eisen-Martin

Shonda Buchanan

Conney Williams

bridgette bianca


All events are free & in-person at Beyond Baroque. Masks are required while inside our center.

Event attendees are expected to behave in a respectful and considerate manner while in our space. Beyond Baroque reserves the right to remove individuals from our events, virtual or otherwise, if they are not respecting the space, fellow attendees, or performers.


Reservation Policy: Please RSVP if you are planning to attend this event. Limited seating is available in the theater, therefore seating may not be guaranteed in the case of a full program; we recommend arriving early.

Workshops will be capped at fifteen people and will not be overbooked. Please note that our morning workshops happen at the same time, therefore you can only reserve a spot for one workshop. If you have reserved a space in a workshop and will not be able to attend, kindly email [email protected], or call 310-822-3006 so that we can release your spot to another person.