That Sounds Good to Me: Writing the Sonic-Driven Poem

Instructor: Kyle D. Craig
Date: Sunday, April 7
Time:  1:30–4:30 p.m.
Location: IWC
Cost: $75 nonmembers, $48 members, $42 student members/teacher members/senior members/military members/librarian members

When it comes to what distinguishes poetry from other kinds of writing, the notion of sound or musicality often finds itself pushed to the forefront of the conversation. That is, poets both create and manipulate various elements of craft (diction, tone, rhythm, syntax, etc.) to match and/or impact the content of their poems. In this course, participants will study and deconstruct poems from contemporary poets to see how sound is operating in various poems, as well as participate in various writing exercises aimed at maximizing the use of sound in their own work. The essential core of the class will be to utilize sound as the driving engine or force when creating poems.