Samman Akbarzada: A Glimmer in the Dark

Join us for a reading and conversation with poet Samman Akbarzada, author of A Glimmer in the Dark. Samman Akbarzada will be in conversation with Julia Hoppe for the event. This in-person event will be free and open to the public. We recommend arriving early for the best seating.

About the Book: This is a poetry collection documenting the heartbreaking and transformative journey of Afghan refugee Samman Akbarzada. Akbarzada interweaves a powerful tapestry of prose reflecting on her war-torn homeland of Afghanistan and the suffering and resilience of those living on the margins of yet another immense human tragedy. A Glimmer in the Dark is ultimately about the perseverance and strength survivors find through deep familial bonds and the compassionate assistance of communities devoted to helping those displaced by war and suffering.

About the Author: Samman Akbarzada is an Afghan refugee in her early twenties and the author of two books. Deeply reflecting on her life in war-torn Afghanistan, and her experiences assimilating into the United States, Samman’s writing embodies both darkness and light. Her words capture the suffering, heartbreak, gratitude, and redemption that mark a life lived on the blade of conflict with love and empathy as her constant guiding light.