A Retreat with George Herbert and Katherine Hanley

George Herbert, English priest and poet (1593-1633), left us a record of his spiritual life or, as he put it, “a picture of the many spiritual conflicts that have passed betwixt God and my soul. . . in whose service I have now found perfect freedom.” Shaped by Scripture and liturgy, Herbert’s poetry has moved many since its posthumous publication. Some poems are set to music; others stand alone in their transparent humility. 

We will look at this man and the climate which nurtured his ministry and then, with time for  reflection, we will explore and pray a selection of the poems.

Sister Katherine Hanley is a Sister of St Joseph. She holds a PhD in Renaissance Poetry from the University of Notre Dame and taught at The College of Saint Rose for more than twenty years. Awarded a sabbatical, she moved into theology and spirituality and found, at The Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley, that literature and theology needed little introduction to one another. She subsequently taught at St Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry, serving ten years as Dean and Director.

Currently Sister Kitty directs Holy Ground, a program to prepare spiritual directors. She continues to teach, to offer direction, and to be presenter throughout our area and beyond.