Poetry Reading and Open Mic at E+F

It's poetry night at E+F!
Lineup includes:
Cee Williams. Cee was honored as Erie County Poet Laureate for 2 years. He is founder of Poets' Hall Fellowship and co-founder of Poets' Hall Press. He has more chapbooks than you have fingers. His latest release is entitled "Poetry For Cats & All the Other Mortal Things I Couldn't keep Myself From Loving".
Keith Moses. Keith is the city of Erie's conscience in spoken word. His delivery blurs the lines of hip hop, punk rock, and poetry. Words fail to describe Keith... just be sure to talk to him before he performs, because you'll be speechless when he's done.
Monica Igras. Monica is a poetess of the highest order. Featured throughout the region, Monica's delivery is smoky, sultry, and timeless.
Jason Baldinger. This dude is from Pittsburgh, so he's pretty into bridges and Iron City Beer. If you pick up a small press poetry publication and he's not in it, you may want to ask for a refund.
Kat Wolper. Kat has been a fixture in the Erie poetry community for many years. In the midst of wolves, Kat's poetry is at once as sly as a serpent and as gentle as a dove. 
Scott Silsbe. A voice from Pittsburgh that is not to be missed, Scott looks like your high school physics teacher. Homeboy loves Philip Levine and Guided By Voices... nuff said.
Luke Kuzmish. Luke wears plastic, black framed glasses and writes poetry to match.
Other poets welcome to perform during the open mic.