The Poetry of Pride with Brian Sonia-Wallace

Join us for a special Grand Performances Friday night show of The Poetry of Pride with Brian Sonia-Wallace.


  • 6:00pm – DJ Succubus
  • 7:00pm – The Poetry of Pride with Brian Sonia-Wallace
  • 9:00pm – Closing Remarks

For Location, Parking & FAQ, click here

The Poetry of Pride:

A drag queen reads banned children’s books aloud while a chorus of poets responds and creates new work on typewriters, on the spot and in collaboration with the audience, celebrating the outsider in us all.

Brian Sonia-Wallace has been creating poems for people on-the-spot at a typewriter since 2012, and teaching other poets to do the same. Through this act of service, he began to ask what it meant to be queer as an artist in conversation with your community: to be an outsider, an expert mimic, and a careful speaker.

Brian’s group Pride Poets brings queer poets to write thousands of poems for people at Pride parades, celebrating and memorializing lives which are too often invisible, and therefore, seen as disposable. In this show he brings together a righteous rainbow of LGBTQ+ poets, aged seventeen to seventy, to share their own work and write new work in dialogue with the audience about what we all share -- the capacity to feel.


  • Brian Sonia-Wallace
  • Steven Reigns
  • Terry Wolverton
  • Victor Yates
  • Carla Sameth
  • Jen Cheng
  • Meliza Bañales
  • Linda Ravenswood
  • Nate Lovell
  • Marcos James
  • Jose Rios
  • Jeffrey McCray

*& a special performance by Get Lit high school student Sam Luo

With DJ Succubus & Drag Queen Pickle of LA Drag Story Hour