Poetry & Coffee: Translation

La poesia tradotta. Un poème traduit. Das Gedicht. 역시. переведенное стихотворение. Bring a Poem in Translation. In the most literal sense, a poem not written in a language you understand, but translated into you one that you do. Bring a poem that talks about translation, or a poem that translates for us as we read. Bring a poem that translates a concept or an idea into something more easily understood, or a poem that renders something simple into something unintelligible. Bring a poem that you find untranslatable. Bring a poem that you've translated (into English) from another language you speak. Interpret the theme as broadly as you like, just remember that the poem you bring shouldn't be your own (though a poem that you've translated is okay). Bring the original and the translation [if it's short, perhaps there's time to hear both!] There is no wrong poem. All are welcome **The only rule is that the poem cannot be your own work.**

This is a free event. Please register here and you will receive the Zoom link.

After you register, Zoom will provide you with the link you will need to join the meeting. Save that link! You can also click the "add to calendar" option and it will put it in your calendar with the link. I will resend the confirmation emails 30 minutes before the meeting, just in case.

Poetry & Coffee usually meets over food and drinks and that’s a very important part of our dynamic. We are informal, we break bread together, there is more intimacy in sharing food and poetry than in just having a discussion in a formal setting. Since we cannot share a meal together at this time, I encourage you to have food and drinks of your own as we talk together via Zoom.

We will have time for about 7 poems. After you register, email the poem you choose to [email protected] and we will discuss the first seven poems I receive.

Poetry & Coffee is a simple concept. It's a group of people who get together over food and drinks, each bringing a poem of their choice to read and discuss. **The only rule is that the poem cannot be your own work.** Poems will be sent to you in a pdf via email the morning of. I will also put them up on the screen as each person reads them.

We read, we talk. Simple as that. And that is where the simplicity ends, as each Poetry & Coffee gathering takes on a life of its own and consistently becomes magical beyond all expectation.

Registration is free. Event is from 7-10pm EST.

Two ways to participate:
Read a Poem & Discuss - You bring a poem to read to the group and email to the host ahead of time. You also participate in the discussion.

Discussion Only - You participate in the discussion of the poems. You can also just listen, if you wish.

"I have tried to remember throughout that poetry is made by flesh-and-blood human beings. It is a bloody art. It lives on a human scale and thrives when it is passed from hand to hand." - Edward Hirsch

For more info, please email [email protected].