Night Became Years: Jason Stefanik with Peter Spagnuolo

Poems about alchemy, love, Protestant witch judges, Indigenous identity, the cultural abutments of the inner city, football taunts, border ballads, and half­breed wailing. Night Became Years is poetry in the sauntering tradition of the flâneur. Stefanik loafers his way over sacred geography and explores his own mixed heritage through the lexicon of Elizabethan canting language. Comparing the terminology of fifteenth­-century English beggar vernacular with a contemporary Canadian inner­-city worldview, the poems in Night Became Years unfold as separate entities while at the same time forming a larger narrative on the possibilities of poetry today and the nature of mixed-blood identity.
Jason Stefanik proudly resides in Winnipeg's gritty North End. A poet, publisher, and propagandist, he is a second generation adoptee, of mixed and mysterious background.
Peter Spagnuolo is the author of the chapbook, The Return of the Son of Ten by Fourteen (Pocket Plunder, 2012) and Time’s Wiggy Chariot (2013). He works as an exculpatory narratologist in New York City.