New York Arab Festival at Poetry Project

New York Arab Festival and Poetry Project are pleased to announce their first partnership, coming together to honor Arab American Heritage Month, a yearly month celebrated each April. Recognizing the power of language at times of political strife, this event brings poets, writers and public speakers from Arab and Arab American backgrounds to share with their communities issues or urgency. Dedicated to the memory of beloved Palestinian poet, writer and philosopher Refaat Alareer, who was killed in Gaza in 2023.

Featuring readings by Farah BarqawiZeinab FtesSophia GutchinovAndrew RiadHind Shoufani, and Issam Zeibak.

New York Arab Festival is a yearly platform dedicated to Arab, and Arab American artists, scholars and cultural organizers. It showcases the work of a community that continues to battle racism and prejudice, in a city that Arabs have called home for centuries; New York. Established, curated and produced by WizaraHaRaKa Platform and a network of Arab, American and Arab American cultural workers, artists and curators.