Game Night: Dead Poets Rise at Buunni Coffee Inwood

Drop in to play Dead Poets Rise with us! Be one of the first to test our new game before it is officially launched to the public. We'll love to meet you and get your feedback.

We'll be at Buunni Coffee in Inwood on Friday, June 16 from 5:30–7:30PM.

Drinks and food—featuring the best Ethiopian coffees and delectable sweets and salads—available for purchase.

Poetry is now a game! In Dead Poets Rise™ you and up 5 to other players—writers and non writers alike—get to strategize how you’re going to move across the board and be the one to rescue a 100% real dead poet from obscurity, devising your own lines along the way. The game is coming to Kickstarter this summer.

With over 60 writing prompts and so many themes and topics guiding you and the other players in the creation of your poem-in-progress, it’s always a new experience. But watch out—some of those prompts call for sabotaging an opponent!

Ready? Game on!

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