Frida and Harriet's Children: A Free Poetry Workshop by and for Sick, Disabled, Deaf, and Neurodivergent 2SQTBIPOC

Disabled QTBIPOC writing space is rare and precious– but it shouldn’t be.  

In this two hour workshop by and for sick/disabled/Deaf/neurodivergent QTBIPOC writers of all experience levels, we will create space to map and write the queer BIPOC disabled stories we are most hungering to tell. 

We will read and witness poetry written by brilliant disabled queer, trans and Two Spirit BIPOC writers and map our lineages and the legacies we want to create as disabled QTBIPOC writers. Participants will leave with a packet of resources and writers to check out. 

Live CART captions are provided. ASL interpretation will be provided by our friends at Pro Bono ASL. For questions and access needs, please contact [email protected].

This workshop is funded by The Poetry Coalition, a national alliance that curates poetry programming under a uniting theme every year. This workshop is part of a series of programs across organizations under the theme “The future lives in our bodies: Poetry & Disability Justice,” borrowing a line from Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha’s poem “Femme Futures.”