Fall 2022 Workshop Reading

This fall at the Poetry Project, poets wrote expansively in workshops with t’ai freedom fordVi Khi Nao, and Jared Stanley, collectively welcoming varied and various sources of inspiration, from digital uncanniness to ekphrastic magic and more!

Featuring readings by __ORSHIJacqui BarringtonIsabel CamposKatie EbbittChihiro ITOTalia MagallanSyliva MatasBen NiespodzianyJulie NovakofskiPritha RaySircarJuliana RothTash Nikol SmithE V StarkeySam SundiusTeline TrầnDelaney Uronen, and Morgan Võ.

This event will take place virtually over Zoom. Registration through The Poetry Project's Eventbrite is required. Zoom links will be shared upon registration to the event. In an effort to build and hold collective community, we ask that Zoom links not be shared.

The evening of the event, if you have any questions, have trouble accessing your Eventbrite account, or have trouble accessing Zoom after the event's listed start time, please contact Poetry Project staff directly at [email protected].

This event will have live transcription and captioning via OtterAI.