Eyechart: a special exhibition at Writers & Books

Poet Kathy Engel and artist Ellen Driscoll’s Eyechart is a collaborative exhibit combining words and physical art. Engel’s words are fused into beautiful paintings displayed in an accordion-book style sculpture. 
Eyechart gives the reader a sense of what can ground us in times of extraordinary  uncertainty. At this historic moment, Engel and Driscoll’s sensibilities are distilled down  to their purest essence. The experience and willpower they bring to Eyechart spring  from deep reservoirs of commitment and a determination to celebrate each moment of  connection as a victory over despair. Their finely wrought salute to the creative process elucidates how much we gain when we face what is most fraught within us. At  our most fragile we can choose to be most open, and perhaps discover new ways to measure the breadth of our existences.” 
– Joanne McFarland, Artistic Director, Artpoetica