An Evening with the Women of Color Writers' Workshop

Featuring WOC writers including Celeste Baker, Shubha Bala, Carmen Bardeguez-Brown, Kim Brandon, Annette Leach, Rosita Libre, OyaBisi, Jessica Paloma, Rachelle Parker, Kailee Pederson, Raquel Penzo, Cynthia Roby, Luvon Roberson, Tracie Spellman, and Susan Yung.
In 1999, writer and activist Bisi Ideraabdullah created the Women of Color Writers (WOC) Workshop in a storefront on Fifth Avenue in South Brooklyn. The WOC Writers Community is now a global collective of women writers, and their forthcoming anthology Boundaries & Borders will feature writing from women across the globe. WOC Writers promotes the rights of women of color to be seen and heard through their literary voices, and helps women build their writing skills and confidence, as well as providing opportunities for publication and performance of their work. This evening WOC Writers participants share their recent work, followed by a festive wine reception. Check back at our website for updates on the full lineup!