Conversation and Poetry Workshop with Woodbury's Poet Laureate Sandy Carlson

Join Woodbury Poet Laureate Sandy Carlson for a conversation and workshop about–and with–the poems you love most at Woodbury Public Library! During this event, in celebration of National Poetry Month, read your favorite poem, share what it means to you, and then try writing your own in the same style. 

“The earliest poetry was meant to be heard publicly because the stories they held belonged to everybody,” said Carlson, who will facilitate the reading-and-writing workshop. “Poetry once celebrated communities, and we’d like to do that this month in our community–and I hope we can have fun doing it.”

This workshop is ideally suited for those of high school age and older. “Poetry is for everyone, so the greater the age range of participants, the greater the perspectives and conversation,” said Carlson. “And no matter who your favorite poet is, come join us for a fun afternoon.”  In the spirit of the public nature of poetry, participants are encouraged to share the poetry they created at the upcoming Poetry in the Park event, scheduled for Saturday, June 4th.