ClickHole Poetics Dis/Course with Alicia Mountain

You’re A Grocery Store Delivery Boy. Can You Deliver A Pound Of Ground Beef To The Astronauts On The International Space Station?

Shameless Clout Chasing: This Honeybee Is Pretty Clearly Only Helping Guide A Blind Ox

Through A Perilous Swamp So Someone Will Write A Fable About Her

Easy A: You Only Need To Know A Little Bit About Veins To Ace This Veins Quiz!

Disappointing: This Kid Got Bit By An Older Werewolf Who Was Clearly Past His Prime And Now The Full Moon Just Turns Him Into An Extremely Sickly Dog With No Powers

You’re A Single-Celled Organism. Can You Evolve Into A Duck?

‘Stop Biting Me, I’m Only In 1st Grade!’: An Oral History of ‘Jaws’

How Many Of These Things Have You Named Your WiFi Network To Subtly Encourage Your Upstairs Neighbors’ Sex Life?

If I Ordered Fries, Would You Have Any?

Hello poet! Want to play? This Dis/Course meeting makes the case for spirited silliness and invites close attention to the practice of goofing. Together we’ll read and write into the depths of a ClickHole poetics with an emphasis on narrative, voice/persona, image, language, temporality, form, and associative movement. We will quiz, we will listicle, we will exclaim. Most importantly, we will scrap our expectations, forget about taking ourselves too seriously, deepen our affection for this absurd world, and delight in the most peculiar parts of our sweet stupid gorgeous subjectivities. Your poems will thank you for it!

Alicia Mountain is the author of Four in Hand (BOA Editions, 2023) and High Ground Coward (Iowa, 2018). She holds a MFA from the University of Montana and a PhD from the University of Denver. Dr. Mountain is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Writer’s Foundry MFA program at St. Joseph’s University in Brooklyn and a psychoanalytic candidate.

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