Dear Ms. Nye,

I feel very privileged to write to a creative writer like yourself. I have read over your brilliant poem “How Do I Know When a Poem is Finished?” many times. It is an enjoyable poem about poets trying to come up with ideas, moving on, and leaving your poem alone. As a writer, I find this poem very relatable, especially the main idea of the poem which is questioning if a poem is finished or not. While I was reading your poem, I quietly imagined myself stressing over not knowing what to write, take away, or leave alone. As this poem was relatable to me, it also inspired me to have patience with the poems I write. My poem could stop at a word or never end.

I would also like to ask you some questions. Have you ever written any other poem and thought about if it was finished or not? If so, did you think about that before or after you wrote “How Do I Know When a Poem is Finished?” Lastly, did you ever think that a poem you have recently written still needs to be added to? I would be happy if you answered my questions. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy reading this letter and are inspired to create more poems. “How Do I Know When a Poem is Finished?” truly inspired me to think about the poems I write.


Grade 7
Hermosa Beach, CA

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