April 29, 2015

Dear Juan Felipe Herrera,

I’m an exchange student from Mexico. I came to Florida for a school year so I could learn good English. When I first came to Florida I would think a lot about my home in Mexico. I feel like your poem is something like that: your favorite memories all together in a poem. For me jackrabbits are just animals, but for you they might be something really important. I’m not one hundred percent sure about this because I don’t know if this poem is all memories. I want to know what inspired you to write it. I’m a really curious person, and I really want to know. It is really creative and interesting, but I just couldn’t figure out what these words mean. That is the reason I decided to write to you. I really want to figure it out.

Knowing English isn’t your first language really impressed me. I know how scary and difficult it is to speak in public in a different language. Actually that is something that I’m really afraid of.

I really enjoyed your poem, and I would really like to read some of your other poems. I really liked your poem, and I think you’re a really brave and great poet because escribir poemas en ingles no es facil!


Sarasota, FL

dear poet letters