Dear Mr. Juan Felipe Herrera,

I really enjoyed your poem “Jackrabbits, Green Onions and Witches Stew.” It made me laugh and go “what?” over and over again. I liked the title itself. It was a fun nonsensical poem about different random things. One question I have is...What inspired you to write this poem? This poem makes me feel a legion of emotions. These emotions include happiness, confusion, and laughter. What does the poem mean? What is it about? What is the point of the poem? These questions race through my head whenever I read “Jackrabbits, Green Onions, and Witches Stew.” The different verses each bring new feelings and trigger different emotions. I admire how you managed to take a bunch of seemingly random words and spin them into a fun piece of literary work. This poem makes sense in it’s own way.

The questions I’ve asked you in are just the tip of the iceberg. There are still so many that I can’t possibly write down in this letter, but please answer the ones I have. Thank you for hopefully taking your precious time reading this letter, and good-bye Dear Poet.  


Grade 6
Poughkeepsie, NY

P.S: Ib-ra-heem, is how my name’s pronounced

dear poet letters