April 23, 2015

Dear Juan Felipe Herrera,

I really enjoyed the way your poem flows, and the way your poem sounds. The title of the poem really drew me in and made me want to read the poem. I thought the phrase “Upside down lemons” was very clever and I was wondering how you thought to use that wording?  “Mrs. Oops, Dr. What,” how did you come up with these creative names? The end of the poem says, “Blowin’ my bubblegum sun.” That painted a picture in my mind, of a young boy chewing bubblegum on a sunny day.

This particular poem was a reminder to me that all poems aren’t serious and long, some poems can be fun to read, and I’m sure fun to write! When I read this poem I think of a picnic. The lemons and chile peppers, playing on a skateboard, all of the names you mention. I would love to know what you were expressing while writing this poem, what the poem is really about? What inspired you to write this poem?

Not just reading the poem changed how I look at poetry, but hearing you read it outloud, really opened my eyes to what poetry is. The energy you had when reading the poem was amazing, how you enjoyed reading it! I am going to start to have more of an open mind to poetry, and start reminding myself that poetry is something special, and something you can use to express yourself and your feelings. I am proud that I read this poem because I learned how much I really do love poetry, and I hope you know that you changed my thoughts and actions toward poetry. 


Grade 6
Bloomfield Hills, MI

dear poet letters