April 23, 2015

Dear Juan Felipe Herrera,

I read your poem “Jackrabbits, Green Onions & Witches Stew.” I think that your poem is about staying young and childish in your imagination. I felt the silliness, and word choice showed that even though you’ve had to mature for adult life, you kept a piece of your childish mind. The lines that stuck out to me the most were “three dollars and upside down lemons and you.” These lines spoke to me that “even thought we grow up we never really change. We just masquerade as adults, because that’s what we are expected to do by society’s standards.” I would like if you could tell me the answers to these questions. Did you write this poem for a child, maybe your child or even grandchild? Why did you write this poem, for meaning, entertainment, to send a message about adulthood? What is the theme to your poem? I believe I have a good idea of what you were thinking, but I have no right to tell you what your art piece is about. Even though I’m only sixteen I recognize that this poem is one of the best poems I have ever read.

Mr. Herrera you have earned the spot of my favorite poet. That might not mean anything to someone that writes for money, but I can tell you write poetry for the fun and enjoyment of writing. Please keep up the amazing work for you sir are the most enjoyable to read, and even more fun to try to figure out the meaning. You have mastered the art of simplicity, but still manage to keep the meaning ambiguous. My favorite part of “Jackrabbits, Green Onions & Witches Stew” is the nonsensical word choice. I believe you have mastered a dying art. I say dying, because people that make rap music outnumber the artists making real poetry. I have seen too many poets that just do it for praise and money. I enjoy you the most, because you are so humble. Keep up the amazing work!

Sincerely, your reader

Grade 10
Utica, NE

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