American Poets, Spring-Summer 2017, Volume 52

American Poets, Vol. 52

Happy National Poetry Month!
by Jennifer Benka

Announcing the 2017 Walt Whitman Award Winner

Introducing Four New Chancellors
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Gwendolyn Over Everything: Specificity, Humanity, and Class
in "Beverly Hills, Chicago"
by Nate Marshall
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A Poetry Portfolio: Reflections on Hmong American Exile
and a Literary Future
by Mai Der Vang
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Selected poems from new books by Fred Marchant, Airea D. Matthews,
Nathan McClain, Alicia Suskin OstrikerMorgan Parker, Molly Peacock,
Natalie Shapero, Susan StewartDavid St. John, Craig Morgan Teicher

Books Noted
by Jennifer Michael Hecht
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Annual Report
Fiscal Year 2016
University & College Prize 2016 Recipients
Friends of the Academy of American Poets