"A Tribute to Daniel Halpern" was held on May 6, 2010 in the Rosenthal Pavilion of New York University. The featured readers included John Ashbery, Anthony Bourdain, Janie Fink, Richard Ford, Jorie Graham, Robert Hass, Campbell McGrath, and Joyce Carol Oates.

Co-sponsored by the Academy of American Poets, the Poetry Society of America, the NYU Creative Writing Program & HarperCollins Publishers.

John Ashbery recalls the first time he met Daniel Halpern and reads a poem that was previously published in Antaeus, "Robin Hood's Barn," as well as Halpern's poem, "The Fish."

Anthony Bourdain reflects on Halpern's love of food and recites "How to Eat Alone."

Janie Fink discusses Daniel Halpern's influence on her as a teacher, reading her poem, "Coinkydink," and his poem, "Señor Excellent."

Richard Ford discusses his ongoing friendship with Daniel Halpern and reads the titular poem from Foreign Neon (Knopf, 1991).

Jorie Graham discusses Daniel Halpern's role as a father, reading two poems he wrote about his daughter, Lily Halpern—"Signature" and "Tattoo."

Robert Hass discusses Daniel Halpern's profound impact on the world of poetry and reads Halpern's poems, "Street Fire" and "Daybreak".

Campbell McGrath discusses Halpern's influence on him both as a teacher and a publisher, reading "And Yet the Books," by Czeslaw Milosz, and an unpublished poem of his own, entitled "Books."

Joyce Carol Oates reflects on publishing her novels through Daniel Halpern and reads from his poem, "Spring Zoo."

Daniel Halpern closes the evening by thanking all of the guest readers and recalling the first time he met Ezra Pound.