Paris, July 26, 1908


It is not in a week but in a day that I am writing you. I had such a wonderful experience last night that I must know at once if it affected you & how? for above all I don't want to do any thing which will take you from your work, or make working more arduous -

That play is going to be a wonderful thing & must come first - nothing must interfere with it -

Last night all my household had retired at a quarter to 11 and I thought I would go to you astrally. It was not working hours for you & I thought by going to you I might even be able to leave with you some of my vitality & energy which would make working less of a toil next day - I had seen the day before when waking from sleep a curious somewhat Egyptian form floating over me (like in the picture of Blake, the soul leaving the body) - It was dressed in moth-like garments & had curious wings edged with gold in which it could fold itself up - I had thought it was myself, a body in which I could go out into the astral - at a quarter to 11 last night I put on this body & thought strongly of you & desired to go to you.

We went somewhere in space I don't know where - I was conscious of starlight & of hearing the sea below us. You had taken the form I think of a great serpent, but I am not quite sure. I only saw your face distinctly & as I looked into your eyes (as I did the day in Paris you asked me what I was thinking of) & your lips touched mine. We melted into one another till we formed only one being, a being greater than ourselves who felt all & knew all with double intensity - the clock striking 11 broke the spell & as we separated it felt as if life was being drawn away from me through my chest with almost physical pain.

I went again twice, each time it was the same - each time I was brought back by some slight noise in the house. Then I went upstairs to bed & I dreamed of you confused dreams of ordinary life. We were in Italy together (I think this was from some word in your letter which I had read again before sleeping). We were quite happy, & we talked of this wonderful spiritual vision I have described - you said it would tend to increase physical desire - This troubles me a little - for there was nothing physical in that union - Material union is but a pale shadow compared to it - write to me quickly & tell me if you know anything of this & what you think of it - & if I may come to you again like this. I shall not until I hear from you. My thought with you always.

Maud Gonne