The following poems about friendship are appropriate for young readers.

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sisters” by Lucille Clifton
me and you be sisters…
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Your Catfish Friend” by Richard Brautigan
If I were to live my life

Not Here, Exactly” by Joanna Fuhrman
I found your letter

This Morning I Pray for My Enemies” by Joy Harjo
And whom do I call my enemy?

To a Friend who sent me some Roses” by John Keats
As late I rambled in the happy fields…

For N & K” by Gina Myers
Otis on vinyl…

My Friend Tree” by Lorine Niedecker
My friend tree…

We Have Been Friends Together” by Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
We have been friends together…

Red Brocade” by Naomi Shihab Nye
The Arabs used to say…

Since Hanna Moved Away” by Judith Viorst
The tires on my bike are flat…

Travelling” by William Wordsworth
This is the spot:—how mildly does the sun…

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