Happy National Poetry Month!
by Jennifer Benka and Tess O’Dwyer

Introducing Carolyn Forché: New Chancellor

2021 American Poets Prizes

Introducing the First Book Award Winner

National Poetry Month Poster Contest: Meet the Winner Lara L.

From the Academy
Chancellor Conversations

Paul Laurence Dunbar at 150
by Joanne M. Braxton

Featuring Tamiko Beyer, Solmaz Sharif, Carly Inghram, Dolores Dorantes, Daniel B. Summerhill, Akwaeke Emezi, Maya Abu Al-Hayyat, Moheb Soliman, Kendra Allen, Michael Wasson

by Alice Dunbar Nelson

Cover Image
Renee Gladman 
Plans for Sentences #54, 2017
Gouache, ink, and graphite on paper
(11” x 14”) 

Plans for Sentences (forthcoming from Wave Books, May 2022) is a work comprising 65 drawings, whereby each drawings sits adjacent to corresponding captions, or Figs. The drawings explore notions of future architectures within narrative space—that is to say, the future of time and experience within the paragraph, the line, the novel, the utterance. The Figs. offer activation of those spaces; they are among any number of future choreographies that could be written. One such activation for drawing #54 (the cover image) reads: 

These sentences will have repeated while entrenching and will have glowed while rolling and will have been the systematic treatment of magnitude, being the underdoings of the colon, the em dash, the room behind the side of 

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