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Zoe Tuck

Zoe Tuck, author of Terror Matrix, has co-taught the class Vampire Poetics at the Bay Area Public School with Laura Moriarty, and a class on ghosts with Zach Ozma. She will be playing the filmmaker Maya Deren in a production of Brittany Billmeyer-Finn's the meshes: an iteration in 2 acts.

Zoe Tuck
Photo credit: Brittany Billmeyer-Finn

By This Poet


from Terror Matrix

in paradise that i said lake should jump
into a you          so how’d i miss the maw and
run from paradise into below the spout
and ride the rim and circle down the fur
where white collects to silver ring
before the drop          the lightless part i dare
you not to think of abe while coursing
coursed half crane's hard neck no ring
to make it yield mistaken catch          who
made his business          sure it was a man
to scout another sheep to glut and slit its
throat and pay attention to encourage it
dakota dead en masse was news to me
persona split’s a genre i adore          near
thirty dead beneath a cloudless sky as
sure as it was told to me online          to pull
the teeth to put them back in place          to
plagiarize the writ of sheep before          say
lake for bloody grace to jump i said fill
me a scrip for this to raise the dead