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Trevor Ketner

Trevor Ketner is the author of Major Arcana: Minneapolis (Burnside Review, 2018), selected by Diane Seuss as the winner of the 2018 Burnside Review Chapbook Contest. They work as an editorial assistant and live in Manhattan with their husband.

By This Poet



A bird, a bee, a sycamore tree,

I’ve never been as strong
as anyone thinks—there were times
when, of course, I cried—at movies
mostly, at television shows, those fictive

lion’s ribs and honey,

releases, built to house feeling
so it is shameless. I am
shameless as in I've run out of it.
I always pictured Delilah as a man—

combs alchemized to a gold

men tempt me—
and I understood Samson as a fiction—
unconvinced of masculinity—
so I felt him, I felt him as Delilah did.

lung, unbreathing, sweet.