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T. R. Hummer

T. R. Hummer is the author of thirteen poetry collections, most recently Eon (LSU Press, 2018) and After the Afterlife (Acre Books, 2018). He served as Editor-in-Chief for The Kenyon Review, The New England Review, and The Georgia Review. He has also received numerous awards, including a National Endowment of the Arts Individual Artist Grant in poetry and the Donald Justice Award for Poetry. He lvies in Cold Spring, New York.


Eon (LSU Press, 2018)
After the Afterlife (Acre Books, 2017)
Skandalon (LSU Press, 2014)
Ephemeron (LSU Press, 2012)
The Infinity Sessions (LSU Press, 2006)
Bluegrass Wasteland: Selected Poems (Arc Publications, 2006)
Useless Virtues (LSU Press, 2001)
Walt Whitman in Hell (LSU Press, 1996)
The 18,000-Ton Olympic Dream (William Morrow & Co, 1991)
Lower-Class Heresy (University of Illinois Press, 1987)
The Passion of the Right-Angled Man (University of Illinois Press, 1984)
The Angelic Orders (LSU Press, 1982)
Translation of Light (Cedar Creek Press, 1976)

Available Surface (University of Michigan Press, 2012)
The Muse in the Machine (University of Georgia Press, 2006)

By This Poet



After the explosion, no one knew what to do
For the boy who’d stood closest to the abandoned leather briefcase.
By some miracle, he was the only one injured. It erupted
In an incense of sulfur and nails as he made his way
To steal it. Holiness has an aura, everyone knows that,
But why would terrorists bother to murder a thief?
The ethics of this question paralyzed everyone in sight
While the boy, unable to breathe, watched God wandering
The station in a business suit, asking occasional strangers
Have you seen my briefcase? There was something urgent in it.