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Richard Garcia

Richard Garcia is the author of five books of poetry, including The Chair (BOA Editions, 2014). He teaches in the Antioch University low-residency MFA program and lives on James Island, South Carolina.

By This Poet



Both lying on our sides, making love in
spoon position when she’s startled, What’s that?
She means the enormous ship passing before you—
maybe not that large, is it a freighter

or a passenger ship?  But it seems huge in the dark
and it’s so close.  That’s a poem you say, D. H.
Lawrence—Have you built your ship of death,
have you? O build your ship of death,

For you will need it.  Right here it would be good 
if there were a small orchestra on board, you’d hear
them and say to her, That piece is called Autumn

that’s what the brave musicians played as the Titanic
went under—and then you could name this poem "Autumn."
But no, the ship is silent, its white lights glow in the darkness.

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