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MK Chavez

MK Chavez is the author of Dear Animal, (Nomadic Press, 2017). She is a cofounder and curator of the reading series Lyrics & Dirges and codirector of the Berkeley Poetry Festival. She lives in Oakland, California.

By This Poet


Little Red Riding Hood/Companion

And those other females who managed to slip the collar
for a moment or two of life were branded “bad.”
 –Clarrisa Pinkola Estés, from Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype

The secret nests in my marrow.

At the striptease I appear pirouette 
and prey. 


I might show you
what it means to be consumed.

The pashadom and papacy come 
to gush and forever satellite spatter,

no matter, 

in the end you will find them
covered in a fine mist, 

tasting of me. 

What they do not know— beyond the veil 

I lay with the wolf 
& the wolf 
is me. 

Find me in a forest of tupelo, 
cypress & black gum, 
at midrib, 
lobe, and blade. 

Even a leaf can have teeth. 

Human acts can be cannibalistic.

I am here
picking all of the wildflowers.