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Mariama J. Lockington

Mariama J. Lockington is the author of the poetry chapbook The Lucky Daughter (Damaged Goods Press, 2017), and her middle-grade novel in verse is forthcoming from Farrar, Straus and Giroux in 2019. Lockington is a nonprofit educator and currently lives in Lexington, Kentucky.

By This Poet



white-throat sparrows/full of note/netted in the eventide/voices
sawing the trees/fragile little bodies/tracing frantic circles
             not understanding/what we must all come to accept/not one day
                         will last/we must end ourselves/as gently as we can
             take our swords/our facts/oddments of feather
                         turn them into the dark/she takes us as we are
             windswept/awake with shattering & nothing
             is as loud as her arms pulling us
             close/not even these wings
             in the nests of
             my ears