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Laurence Alma-Tadema

Laurence Alma-Tadema, daughter of painter Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, was a novelist, playwright, short story writer, and poet. She published six poetry collections, including The Divine Orbit: Seventeen Sonnets (1933), A Gleaner's Sheaf Verses (St. Martin's Press, 1927), and Songs of Womanhood (Grant Richards, 1903). She died in London in 1940.

By This Poet



In summer I am very glad
We children are so small,
For we can see a thousand things
That men can't see at all.

They don't know much about the moss
And all the stones they pass:
They never lie and play among
The forests in the grass:

They walk about a long way off; 
And, when we're at the sea,
Let father stoop as best he can
He can't find things like me.

But, when the snow is on the ground
And all the puddles freeze,
I wish that I were very tall,
High up above the trees.