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Kristina Kay Robinson

Kristina Kay Robinson is the co-editor of Mixed Company, a short anthology of Black women’s fiction. She is the editor-at-large for Burnaway and lives in New Orleans.

By This Poet


Contemplating Extinction as Theme in Basquiat’s “Pez Dispenser, 1984”

for Malcolm Latiff Shabazz

yellow roses in my mother’s room    mean
I’m sorry   sadness comes in      generations
inheritance           split   flayed    displayed
better than all the others

crown                                    weight

the undue burden of the truly exceptional
most special of your kind, a kind of fire

persisting unafraid      saffron bloom
to remind us of fragility    or beauty       or revolution

to ponder darkly             in the bright
the fate of young kings

the crimes for which          there are no apologies.