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Kathryn Hunt

Kathryn Hunt is the author of Long Way Through Ruin (Blue Begonia Press, 2013). She teaches writing workshops at the Writers' Workshop in Port Townsend, Washington. She lives on the coast of the Salish Sea. 

By This Poet


An Offering

Animals come down through stars
to reach the valley. A coyote with
its nose pressed in a rabbit hole.
Two Sandhill cranes as tall as rain,
and listening north. And when a cougar
screams its human scream, I’m suddenly
a child again, awake, the parched air
raked by drumfire blasts, window panes
all gleam and vast, animals angling
through ripe alfalfa fields. My grandmother
holding me to the thunder-headed sky
as if I were an offering. Saying, There,
see how meager we are made. How our
bones ring with fury and light.