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Katharine Coles

Katharine Coles’ most recent collection is Wayward (Red Hen Press, 2019). She is a Distinguished Professor of English at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, where she lives.

By This Poet


You Won’t Find Consolation

or. The deer, nearly
Color blind, see blue

Better than we do, more
Blue than we know, a blue

I am not consoled
Lives beyond me. Imagine

Their sky, saturated, how
Do they bear it, and

The alpine lake where
They drink in summer, glacier-

Fed, reflecting back it all back
Plus. Consider

The glacier, blue at heart deep-
Frozen for millennia, blue

Its core and vanishing
In your lifetime. A rush,

A trickle, this is how
It goes? Around the lake,

Boulders harden themselves. 
Green firs. And there, a perfect

Center, the lake’s clear,
Unreadable eye.