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Judith Ish-Kishor


Judith Ish-Kishor was born in Boston in about 1895 and raised in London. She returned to the United States, where she studied at Hunter College in New York City. Ish-Kishor was a noted writer of children’s literature for Jewish-American youth. She died in New York in 1971.

By This Poet


Chanukah Dreams

Chanukah I think most dear
Of the feasts of all the year.
I could sit and watch all night
Every twinkling baby light.

Father lights the first one—green;
Hope it always seems to mean;
Hope and Strength to glow anew
In the heart of every Jew.

Jacob lights the blue for Truth.
Pink for Love is lit by Ruth.
Then the white one falls to me,
White that shines for Purity.

How the story of those days
Fills my wondering heart with praise!
And in every flame one sees
The heroic Maccabees.