Joseph Fasano

Joseph Fasano is an American poet, novelist, and songwriter. He is the author of eight books: The Last Song of the World (BOA Editions, 2024); The Magic Words: Simple Poetry Prompts that Unlock the Creativity in Everyone (Penguin Random House, 2024); the novels The Swallows of Lunetto (Maudlin House, 2022) and The Dark Heart of Every Wild Thing (Platypus Press, 2020); The Crossing (Cider Press Review, 2018); Vincent (Cider Press Review, 2015); Inheritance (Cider Press Review, 2014); and Fugue for Other Hands (Cider Press Review, 2013), winner of the Cider Press Review Book Award. His album of original songs, The Wind that Knows the Way, was released in 2022.

Fasano’s other honors include the Rattle Poetry Prize, two Pushcart Prize nominations, and a nomination for the Poets’ Prize, “awarded annually for the best book of verse published by a living American poet two years prior to the award year.” His literary work has been widely translated and anthologized.

Fasano has taught creative writing at various institutions, including Manhattanville College and Columbia University.