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Jennifer Moxley

Jennifer Moxley's most recent poetry collection is Druthers, forthcoming from Flood Editions in February 2018). Her book The Open Secret (Flood Editions, 2014) was awarded the 2015 William Carlos Williams award from the Poetry Society of America, and was a finalist for the Kingsley Tufts Award. She lives in Orono, Maine, and teaches poetry and poetics at the University of Maine.
Jennifer Moxley
Photo credit: Alexa Bonsey Photography

By This Poet


The Imprint

We will count on these walls
             to whisper
                           our resumes 
to the strangers who take up
             the work of these rooms,
forwarding them
             past dust.

Our purpose shared,
             suspended in trust
                           to a poem
      that told us a long love
                                          is willed.

Believing such
             we are bound to exit
                            by our design,
unmindful that this thing
                            has also always
             been lying
                            in wait,
                 a thing
                            in itself, bossy and brutish
that has thrived in spite of
              sabotage chapters
                                           occasional giddy


              A volition
        that exceeds
                            dull need
a self-interweaving
               imperative be mine
                             that will whisper
               our love
                             past dust.