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Doris Davenport

Doris Davenport is the author of several books, including madness like morning glories (Louisiana State University Press, 2005). She teaches at Stillman College.

By This Poet


"Now, I know you remember so and so"

meaning somebody who rode through town once, ten
years ago or who lived and died before your birth. They
expect you to remember, to know, just like your mind is
their mind and if you don't, they might take it personal.
Get so made at you, they can't get on with the story.

Not like Fannie Mae. She will get all into a story and
catch herself: "But that was before you
were born." Fannie Mae will pause, grin for emphasis
and say, "And I wish you
coulda seen it!"

not me.
when i get through
when i'm done
won't be no wishing
you could see.
you gone       see.