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Donald Dunbar

Donald Dunbar is the author of Eyelid Lick (Fence Books, 2012), winner of the 2012 Fence Modern Poets book prize. He received his BA at the University of Wisconsin and his MFA in creative writing at Arizona State University. He is a general education instructor at Oregon Culinary Institute and cocurator of the reading series If Not For Kidnap. Dunbar lives in Portland, Oregon.

By This Poet



Finally, stability. 
Finally, the fractal iteration of kings.
The legless herds lie still in the fields
and eventually the fences crumble
and the wilderness returns. 

Like cinnamon coaxed back out of the tongue,
this book is a formalist approach for a kiss.
Or vice versa. 

Like a kiss
is oblivious, they don’t know their homestead is meat;
is meat in an age of eternal iteration.

Finally I have met you
in this video of cyborgs making out, making out
with androids in the comments below.

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