Domingo de Vivero

Domingo de Vivero, born on March 17, 1853, in Lima, was a Peruvian writer and diplomat. He held many official appointments in the Peruvian government throughout his career, including a roughly monthlong term as Minister of Foreign Affairs from October 4, 1887, to November 9, 1887.

De Vivero was the author of multiple books on political and historical subjects, including Guía diplomática y consular del Perú (Imprenta del estado, 1888), though his literary writings were scattered throughout Peruvian newspapers such as El Correo del Perú, El Perú Ilustrado, El Nacional, La Ilustracion Americana, La Gran Revista, and El Comercio, in many of which he used the pseudonym “Isnardo.”

De Vivero died in Lima on May 17, 1901.