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David J. Daniels

David J. Daniels is the author of _Clean_ (Four Way Books, 2014), winner of the Four Way Books Intro Prize, and a finalist for the Kate Tufts Discovery Award and the Lambda Literary Award. He teaches composition at the University of Denver and lives in Denver, Colorado.

By This Poet



My brother, wanting to off himself,
Took rope into a summer park.
Rope, plus a knife
For cutting it: a serrated hawkbill,
Cushioned grip, with two-inch
Curved, ignoble blade
The manufacturers in their cruelty call
A lightweight
Meadowlark. Cruel because the meadowlark
Is calm. They’re calm
This morning. Sure, they shaggle the corn a bit,
But otherwise, when they’re done,
They perch on the fence in the golden sun,
Heads down as if they’re sleeping.