Cola Franzen

Cola Franzen was born in Hart County, Georgia, in 1923.

Franzen has published fifteen books of translations, among them poetry, fiction, and criticism by notable Spanish and Latin American authors. She has translated essays on photography as well as work by the Cuban art critic and historian Gerardo Mosquera. Franzen’s publications include The Collapsible Couple/ La pareja desmontable, a book of poems in bilingual translation (Middlesex University Press, 2000) and the novel Dreams of the Abandoned Seducer (University of Nebraska Press, 1998), both by the Argentine-born writer Alicia Borinksy.

Other authors whose work Franzen translates regularly include Saúl Yurkievich (Argentinian), Juan Cameron (Chilean), and Antonio José Ponte (Cuban). Her other translations include Poems of Arab Andalusia (City Lights Publishers, 1989), reprinted in 2001, and The Challenge of Comparative Literature (Harvard University Press, 1993), by Claudio Guillén, son of the poet Jorge Guillén.

Franzen lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.